Sustainable Metal Wall & Roof Panels


We are committed to Forging Paths to Sustainability.


CENTRIA goes beyond beauty and performance to provide sustainable design options. Our commitment to sustainability has resulted in some of the most innovative building products on the market today. CENTRIA meets the sustainability needs of customers by developing environmentally friendly products, reducing our overall consumption of energy and harmful chemicals and continuing on the path of social responsibility. Read more below how CENTRIA can help you incorporate our energy-efficient products into your next design project.

The Advantage of a Metal Building for your Green Project

Whether your goal is to achieve LEED Certification or build a green and sustainable building, CENTRIA is committed to assist. CENTRIA’s panels are the solution to your building envelope, offering a variety of aesthetically insulated metal products to compete in today’s architectural industry. Not only do insulated metal panel buildings require less material than traditional buildings but they are also a more cost-effective solution.


The latest evolution of insulated metal panels enables the architectural community to push the envelope further and create a more sustainable building environment for the future. Formawall with Halogen-Free foam is the subject of a health product declaration (HPD) through the HPD Collaborative. This self-diagnosed transparency program provides in-depth ingredient reporting for an exceptional level of transparency for architects and building owners.





CENTRIA is committed to meeting the demand for environmentally friendly products that enhance the sustainability of buildings.

Nucor Insulated Panel Group Sustainability Benchmarks

  • Our IMPs are significantly more thermally efficient than other common wall systems with an 8.4 R-value.
  • 100% of Nucor steel is produced in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF).*
  • Our panels achieve lower embodied carbon content and GWP than other common wall systems.
  • Nucor, our parent company, is the steel industry’s largest buyer of Power Purchase Agreements and largest buyer of renewable energy of any steel maker.
  • CENTRIA IMP products’ holistic approach seamlessly integrates windows, sunshades, daylighting panels, louvers, and rainscreens to maintain critical weather controls across the envelope for superior energy efficiency.
  • Our pioneering metal panels and building products help architects and owners meet and exceed the industry’s most stringent green building standards, including the ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (LEED) program.

*As of 2024, CENTRIA is committed to sourcing 100% EAF steel, except for stainless steel, PVC-coated steel, and Igloo White in our Hamilton plant.

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CENTRIA products, including its line of insulated metal panels (IMPs), are composed of mostly steel. As of 2024, CENTRIA is committed to sourcing 100% EAF steel, except for stainless steel, PVC-coated steel, and Igloo White in our Hamilton plant. Did you know that Nucor, our parent company, is leading the charge across industries to create a more sustainable, carbon-free future at the scale of industry? The average recycled content in Nucor steel is 77.3%. This steel, combined with CENTRIA IMPs’ superior energy-savings and material use reduction as a single-component building envelope solution, makes CENTRIA IMPs among the top choice for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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