CENTRIA’s dynamic range of commercial and industrial insulated metal panel systems redefines the standards of versatility and flexibility. Offering an unparalleled fusion of aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and value, these panels provide a compelling solution for a variety of design needs. 

These adaptable metal panels find their home in a multitude of settings, including Retail Stores, Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses, and Restaurants. Designed to meet an extensive spectrum of design requirements, these panels effortlessly align with diverse needs. From sleek, modern environments to charming, rustic atmospheres, CENTRIA’s commercial and industrial metal panels effortlessly harmonize with a wide array of design styles.

Connect with us today and learn why – time and again – the world’s top owners, architects, and contractors turn to CENTRIA’s metal panels.

Benefits Of Metal Panels 

Using CENTRIA’s commercial and industrial metal panels as siding for your next building project has many benefits over using traditional building materials such as ACM and concrete.

  • Highly durable materials
  • Easy and fast installation 
  • Lightweight materials 
  • Low maintenance throughout the panel’s lifetime 
  • Made from sustainable and 100% recyclable materials 
  • Fire-resistant and weather-resistant 
  • Energy efficient

Features & Customizations 

CENTRIA’s commercial and industrial metal panels offer numerous customizations that’ll meet your building’s design needs, functionally and aesthetically. 

  • Choose from a variety of different colors
  • Available in different steel gauges 
  • Can be either horizontal and vertical orientation 
  • Panels can be integrated with other building materials, such as glass and concrete 
  • Different styles available, such as exposed or hidden fasteners 
  • Panels available in a variety of sizes 
  • Choose for different thickness amounts


CENTRIA’s commercial & industrial insulated metal panels deliver the industry’s best combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value. They’re designed to provide an effective air and vapor barrier, delivering superior weather-resistance.

Our lightweight commercial wall panel systems provide tremendous flexibility with long lengths, various finish options and superior weather resistance. They can also be installed vertically to add visual appeal to the exterior of your building. Vertical metal panels can also make your building appear larger and taller than it truly is.

Insulated commercial wall panels are the ideal solution to create a modern aesthetic for large-scale commercial and industrial buildings like warehouses, industrial facilities, schools and shopping centers.



Versawall H+ offers a horizontal insulated metal panel in a Flat profile. The H+ series comes in 30″ or 36″ allowing you to span further with lengths up to 37′.



Versawall V embossed insulated metal wall panels add versatility and flexibility by offering Planked or Striated profiles for walls. Available in lengths ranging from 6′ to 52′ and 2, 2.75″ and 4″ thickness options.



Versawall V+ is an insulated metal wall panel and comes in either an embossed or smooth Flat profile or a smooth Straited or Planked profile. These lightweight insulated metal panels can be installed vertically for long, sleek sight lines with a lightly planked interior liner and lengths up to 37′.


TotalClad insulated metal wall panels are as durable as they are cost-efficient. Concealed clips and fasteners at the panel’s joint offer a clean and uninterrupted aesthetic. These lightweight insulated metal wall panels may be installed vertically for long and sleek sight lines with a wide range of lengths, thicknesses, and exterior profiles and finishes.



TotalClad Deep Planked 42” insulated metal wall panels are composed of lightly corrugated planked profiles on both panel faces for a unique level of versatility and flexibility. These insulated metal panels are equipped with concealed clips and fasteners to provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance.



TotalClad Groove 42” insulated metal wall panels feature a ribbed profile with long, dynamic sight lines, creating an ideal option for virtually any commercial or industrial building.



TotalClad Heavy Embossed 42” insulated metal wall panels provide a flat profile with a distinctive heavy embossed texture to create shallow wall relief. The aesthetic of the high-performance panel mimics that of stucco or masonry applications.



TotalClad Micro Planked 42” insulated metal wall panels Feature a lightly planked profile on both panel faces for a unique level of versatility and flexibility, making it an excellent option for interior, exterior and ceiling applications.



TotalClad Striated 42” insulated metal wall panels combine the aesthetics of a flat wall panel and the high insulation ratings of an advanced foam core. An economical substitute for typical flat wall panels, the insulated metal wall panels integrate seamlessly with additional TotalClad profiles.