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CAS 292 – Single Skin Metal Panel Building Envelope Solution

Explore the aesthetic possibilities and long-term durability of single-skin metal panels within a well-designed rainscreen system. This course provides a comparative analysis of cladding types, details single-skin metal panel materials, coatings, and design options, offering insights into using them in conjunction with a single-component barrier wall for a comprehensive rainscreen assembly.

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CAS 295 – Maximizing with IMP & Integrated Components 

Dive into the realm of high-performance building envelopes with Maximizing Envelope Performance with IMP-Integrated Components. Explore an advanced insulated metal composite panel system and discover how seamlessly integrated components such as windows, daylighting panels, sunshades, and louvers contribute to an optimized building envelope.

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CAS 296 – Architectural IMPs – What’s Next?

This presentation reviews a brief history of architectural IMPs, current trends with comparisons to other materials and explores developments which will lead to future aesthetic possibilities and performance enhancements.

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CAS 297 – Fire Code Compliance and Insulated Metal Panels

This course highlights the critical role of insulated metal panels in complying with fire safety regulations for energy-efficient buildings. Gain insights into their applications, including in combustible and non-combustible structures, and learn about third-party listings supporting compliance with the International Building Code.

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CAS 298 – How to Achieve Superior Building Envelope Performance in Rainscreen Wall Design

Explore achieving superior building envelope performance in rainscreen wall design by understanding theory, hydrothermal load control, and comparing multi-component to single-component backup wall systems for enhanced efficiency and benefits. Join the course to optimize your knowledge and application in creating high-performance building envelopes.

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CAS 299 – Insulating Composite Back-up Panels – A Simpler Solution

Explore exterior wall design, energy code requirements, and case studies for effective building envelope weather barrier construction in this interactive presentation. Engage in a session that encourages questions and feedback.

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CAS 300 – Building the Perfect Wall with Insulated Metal Panels

Gain critical insights into building physics for optimal envelope design. Explore how insulated metal panels serve as a simplified, perfect wall solution, streamlining design and installation processes.

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CAS 302 – High Effiency and Low Carbon with IMPs

Explore how architects can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through informed product selection and carbon-conscious design in our course. Discover the role of insulated metal panels in creating buildings with low embodied and operational carbon.

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CAS 286 – Data Center Design Using Insulated Metal Panels

Discover the design intricacies of Data Centers and the enhanced building performance achieved through insulated metal panels (IMPs) in this focused course. Explore topics ranging from supporting structure design and environmental control layers to code requirements, fire safety regulations, and the versatile use of IMPs in HVAC design as a ‘Perfect/Universal’ wall system.

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