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Sustainable Metal Wall & Roof Panels

Sustainability & Green Building Solutions

We are Committed to Forging Paths to Sustainability

As a NUCOR Insulated Panel Group company, CENTRIA is committed to meeting the demand for environmentally friendly products that enhance the sustainability of buildings.

Nucor Insulated Panel Group Sustainability Benchmarks



NUCOR-R-VALUE-graph-recolor-resize-768x621.png Our IMPs are significantly higher than other common wall systems with an 9 R-Value
HIGHLIGHTS icons only separate-04.png 100% of our steel is produced in Electric Arc Furnaces* *except stainless steel
HIGHLIGHTS icons only separate-05.png Our panels achieve lower embodied carbon content and GWP than other common wall systems


Sustainability Resources


Learn about CENTRIA and Nucor Sustainability Initiatives and start building greener today.

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Made from the World’s Most Sustainable Steel

CENTRIA products, including its lines of insulated metal panels (IMP), are composed of mostly steel. However, with CENTRIA products, this is no ordinary steel. It’s the world’s most sustainable steel, produced by Nucor, CENTRIA’s parent company. This steel, combined with CENTRIA IMPs’ superior energy-savings and material use reduction as a single-component building envelope solution, makes CENTRIA IMPs among the top choices for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 


HIGHLIGHTS icons only separate-03.png Nucor introduced the world’s first net-zero carbon steel, EconiqTM
HIGHLIGHTS icons only separate-08.png Nucor is the largest buyer of renewable energy in the steel sector
HIGHLIGHTS-icons-only-separate-02.png 77.3% – the average recycled content in Nucor steel

CENTRIA EPD-certified products include:

Formawall Dimension Series

Our Commitments

The Path to Decarbonization

As the first major industrial company to join the United Nations 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Global Compact, CENTRIA’s parent company, Nucor, leads in the decarbonization of steel production.

Through the use of electric arc furnaces (EAFs) fueled by renewable energy, Nucor revolutionizes steel production. Far less energy intensive than traditional blast furnaces and non-reliant on fossil fuels, Nucor’s EAF production results in steel with a dramatically lower carbon footprint.

Despite already maintaining greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that are a quarter of the global average, Nucor’s investment in clean energy initiatives have given the company the capacity to further commit to lowering its GHG intensity by 35% by the year 2030.


The Path to a Circular Economy

An infinitely recyclable material, steel is inherently sustainable. But unlike traditional blast furnace steel production, Nucor’s EAFs allow for the use of post-consumer scrap steel as the major feedstock. As a result, Nucor steel contains an average of 77.3% recycled content, with some Nucor steel products containing nearly 100% recycled content.


Certified Performance

Engineered for high performance, CENTRIA IMPs holistic approach seamlessly integrates windows, sunshades, daylighting panels, louvers, and rainscreens to maintain critical weather controls across the envelope for superior energy efficiency.

In addition, our pioneering metal panels and building products help architects and owners meet and exceed the industry’s most stringent green building standards, including the ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council's LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (LEED) program.

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Halogen-Free, Red List-Free

CENTRIA insulated metal panels are designed to help architects and building owners enhance community wellness and achieve more comfortable, attractive, and safer living and working environments through innovative product design.

Our IMPs feature a proprietary red-list and halogen free insulating foam core that’s better for the environment and building occupants. Our foam core is highly fire resistant compared to other foam formulations. FM 4882- NFPA 285-certified at the most stringent level, CENTRIA IMPs offer more confidence for life safety and wellness than ever before.

Learn more about Formawall

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Contact CENTRIA today and let us help you forge your own path to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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CENTRIA is part of Nucor Corporation. As the demand for environmentally friendly construction materials grows, so does our emphasis on creating green products. Nucor Corporation manufactures components that, when used as part of a high-performance building, support the environmental, economic and health criteria taken into account when determining a project's overall sustainability. Our products can help buildings meet the requirements needed for certification by the various government and non-government agencies setting green standards, including the U.S. government's ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council's LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (LEED) program.

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