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Roof Systems

Performance and Design Excellence

CENTRIA delivers exceptional performance and sleek design across three unique metal roofing panel options to meet even the most demand project parameters. CENTRIA is your number one source for metal roof systems.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

CENTRIA's standing seam metal roofs deliver clean, sleek lines with a minimum of exposed fasteners for a unique aesthetic effect.

Insulated Metal Roof Panels

Insulated metal roof panels feature a steel skin with an insulating foam core designed to deliver high thermal R-values for energy efficient performance that can help save you money on heating and cooling costs. Our insulated metal roof panels also feature a thermal break between the face and the liner to mitigate thermal bridging and drift. They’re also designed with factory-applied panel joint sealant and field-applied sealant so they can serve as an effective air and vapor barrier. Choose from a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths to fit your project. Adding insulated metal roofing to your building project can help meet LEED and other green building standards. Check with your local, state and federal government to find out if there are any tax incentives for meeting energy efficiency requirements. Insulated metal roof panels are an eco-friendly option for your building project.The steel skin is made from recycled materials and they’re nearly 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Learn more about our insulated metal roof panels that deliver industry’s best combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and value.

Exposed Fastener Roof Panels

CENTRIA Exposed Fastener Roof Panels deliver exceptional versatility and flexibility for your next roofing project with dynamic ribs.

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