The Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center

Oklahoma City, OK

The Peggy and Charles Stephenson Oklahoma Cancer Center is described as Oklahoma’s premier institution of cancer treatment and research. Housed in a prominent location on the University of Oklahoma campus, this 210,000 square-foot facility – featuring architectural products from CENTRIA – provides comprehensive cancer care to the surrounding region. Made possible by generous donation from Peggy and Charles Stephenson, this facility treats patient from the beginning to end stages of cancer and provides all treatment services at one fully integrated facility.

Utilizing innovative technology and cutting-edge clinical research, this facility is able provide patient-centered comprehensive care and serves as a resource for health professionals and researchers throughout Oklahoma. The facility boasts innovative imaging and diagnostic equipment, an appearance salon for prosthetics and wigs, a full-service restaurant, a five-story glass-curtain wall atrium, a 12,000 square-foot sunken healing garden, and 1,000 car parking garage.

As a pioneer of oncological care and research the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center needed construction materials that reflected the innovative achievements of the center, while still expressing the center’s goal to create a calm nurturing environment for patients. CENTRIA metals offer a contemporary neutral aesthetic while simultaneously providing superior sustainability to reduce energy costs.

Formawall Graphix Series is a single-component wall system that provides attractive accents with a unique, segmented construction in which one panel looks like multiple smaller ones. The neutral Marble color lends a serene and contemporary aesthetic to the facility and with the ability to select the way in which a panel is segmented the design possibilities are limitless. These panels include a steel face and liner that incorporate foamed-in-place CFC-free foam insulation. The Formawall Graphix Series panels are compatible with CENTRIA’s proven vented and dry-sealed rainscreen joinery, resulting in the most advanced thermal and moisture protection available – a key feature when striving for reduced energy costs.

CENTRIA’s Profile Series Style-Rib Exposed Fastener Profiles were chosen because they offer a unique profile that creates a contemporary look and feel on the exterior of the facility. These versatile panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be insulated to meet many levels of thermal protection and provide excellent negative wind load properties. The Structural Standing Seam Roof System SRS 2 is a mechanically seamed roof featuring an integral batten. It provides continuous, long panel lengths and excellent weather resistance. These long panels also create a seamless appearance with unbroken lines and continuous transitions. The unique concealed clip and panel interlock design allows for unimpeded thermal movement without damage.

The integration of CENTRIA’s EcoScreen Perforated Screenwall helps to control light, provided ventilation and serves as a safety component without sacrificing aesthetics. EcoScreen is a unique fabrication that provides a 10 to 40% open area, creating the effect of a translucent screen to control light, air movement and provide safety and security. C/S Louvers, which are drainable and storm-resistant, add both aesthetic value and advanced performance to the overall project. The C/S Louvers are an integral part of the structure and help eliminate exhaust from cars parked in the parking garage.

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    National Panel Systems

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    National Panel Systems

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    Manhattan Construction

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