Prominent Fluid Controls, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA

ProMinent Fluid Controls has come a long way since its American facility first opened in 1976. And with an expanding company, ProMinent needed to grow its workspace as well. In 2014, the fluid handling components and systems manufacturer built a new development on six acres adjacent to its existing 47,000 square-foot facility. The newest building boasts a 16,500 square-foot production area and two-story, 5,600 square-foot office space. Building owners decided to leave room for further growth, so architects designed the facility with the capability to add as much as 35,000 square feet in the future.

It is ProMinent’s goal to offer solutions for the entire chemical fluid handling and wastewater treatment process. And that process begins with storage.

While all of ProMinent’s devices—ranging from pumps, controllers, monitors, disinfection systems and more—exhibit high performance in even the harshest conditions, the Pittsburgh-based company did not want to take any chances with its new state-of-the-art facility.

Opting for CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series 3”-T horizontal panels throughout the building, ProMinent Fluid Controls ensured that the products in its warehouse would be operating inside a perfectly insulated building. Formawall panels deliver maximum thermal performance and moisture control in a single component designed to minimize insulation gaps.

Desmone Architects strategically built the entrance to the warehouse at an angular shape to create a striking effect for visitors. The beautiful aesthetic of CENTRIA’s deep blue colored panels at the building’s entry way enhance the perception of the front door as the gateway into the warehouse, accentuating the white and gray panels that encompass the remainder of the structure.

Formawall panels incorporate concealed clips and fasters—along with its insulated metal vertical (IMV) joint—for a smooth, state-of-the-art metal aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice performance. The horizontal panels offer superior weather resistance by utilizing pressure equalization along the length of the horizontal joinery. CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology allows Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal panel system to provide a superior air barrier, thermal insulation and moisture protection.

  • Market Segment

    Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses & Labs

  • Architect Name

    Desmone Architects

  • Dealer

    Essig-McClure, Inc.

  • Installer

    Panther Sales, Inc.

  • LEED Certification