New York Power Authority Niagara Office and Warehouse

Lewiston, NY

The 58,000 square foot, $23.5 million Niagara Warehouse and Office Complex in Lewiston, New York was designed to store materials, supplies and equipment in support of the project’s 2,441-megawatt hydroelectric operation. A total of 18,000 square feet of the three-story building were built to function as administrative office space. The project features a variety of roof and wall products from CENTRIA.

The New York Power Authority recently released a “Sustainability Action Plan,” detailing the company’s overall commitment to sustainability in all aspects of their business. According to this policy, the building owner’s goal was to construct the new facility to LEED® Gold Standard. All materials were carefully chosen to reduce the building’s environmental impact. Architects also chose building materials that would protect the building against the perpetually moist air that is inevitable in the area surrounding Niagara Falls.

The building also includes an emergency response area for backup functions in support of the Niagara project.

Architects commissioned to build the NYPA Niagara Warehouse and Office Complex faced a unique challenge: to create an energy-efficient, durable building that would thrive in an area that experiences frequent precipitation and a wide variety of temperatures because of its proximity to Niagara Falls. The New York Power Authority’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability and protection was also a large factor in the facility’s design. CENTRIA’s SRS roof panels, Formawall Graphix Series and Dimension Series, MetalWrap Series, Formavue 200 windows, C/S Louvers and C/S Sunshades were specified to meet these challenges.

CENTRIA’s Curved SRS (Structural Standing Roof Systems) were selected because they provide outstanding performance and are weather resistant. Their unique concealed clip and panel interlock design allows unimpeded thermal movement without damage. The roof panels are mechanically seamed in the field, and use long panel lengths, eliminating transition flashing and enhancing weather resistance.

Formawall Graphix Series is a single-component wall system that provides interesting accents with a unique, segmented construction in which one panel can look like multiple smaller ones. Formawall Graphix Series panels are compatible with CENTRIA’s proven vented and dry-sealed rainscreen joinery, resulting in the most advanced thermal and moisture protection available today.

Working in coordination with Formawall Graphix Series, CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series, helps create the building’s unique design aesthetic while contributing significantly to performance goals. This product was chosen because the panels provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance and unlimited possibilities in terms of form, color and texture.

Like Formawall Graphix Series, Formawall Dimension Series is also a single-component wall system. Compared to the traditional multi-component wall construction, which typically requires seven separate components and multiple sub-contractors, Formawall Dimension Series is just one component, making installation simple and leading to efficiencies in the construction process. The panels also feature CENTRIA’s patented Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection Technology (ATMP®), which means that they provide superior thermal efficiency and moisture control.

CENTRIA’s MetalWrap Series was chosen by the architect for its outstanding performance. The MetalWrap Series insulated composite backup panel is a single thermal, air and moisture barrier backup system. Designed for use with CENTRIA’s Profile Series metal panels, brick and terra cotta, MetalWrap’s flexibility makes it the perfect solution for either single-exterior or mixed-medium buildings. Additionally, only one system and specification was necessary, since MetalWrap eliminates the need for conventional batt or board installation, exterior gypsum board, and air, water and vapor boards.

Formavue FV-200 windows were chosen for their ease of integration with Formawall Dimension Series panels, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and well-lit work environment without energy or thermal compromise. These windows have integrated head, sill and lamp details that feature large thermal breaks aligned with the panel insulation, as well as additional insulation in the head of the window frame, resulting in an efficient and resilient window system. C/S Louvers and Sunshades, joint ventures of CENTRIA and Construction Specialties, Inc., were also chosen for their seamless integration with Dimension Series panels.

Each option in CENTRIA’s Wall Series provides total air and moisture control for proven long-term performance and reliability. Together, these weather-resistant, moisture-controlled and energy-efficient components built a work space that comprehensively met all of the New York Power Authority’s project goals and requirements.

  • Market Segment

    Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses & Labs

  • Architect Name

    Nelson & Associates Architectural Engineering

  • Dealer

    Arrow Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

  • Installer

    Walls-Scanlon Erectors, Inc.

  • Contractor

    SLR Contracting & Service Company, Inc.

  • LEED Certification

    Certified Gold