Michigan State University Brody Hall

East Lansing, MI

Brody Hall, the center of Brody Complex in the Residential District of the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing, MI, was the first of seven buildings targeted for renovation. This facility not only serves as a dining hall for the 2,400 students living in the complex’s six residence halls, it also houses classroom, office and lab space. The Brody Hall renovation featured architectural metal products from CENTRIA.

The retrofit consisted of a 9,000-square-foot addition; upgrades and replacement of the major mechanical, electric, ventilation and life-safety systems; ADA-code-required modifications; passenger elevator installation; lighting upgrades; floor and ceiling replacements; roofing and exterior repair; office and bathroom reconstruction; and restoration of the entire second-floor dining area, which now features nine restaurant venues.

Brody Hall includes a dining hall, kitchen and preparation space, dry storage, dish handling, waste and recycling areas, as well as refrigerator and freezer space. In addition, more than 181,000 square feet of multi-purpose classroom, computer instruction and academic office space is located in the building, as well as business offices for the complex.

The newly rebuilt hall opened to students in the fall of 2011 and has since earned LEED Certification at the Silver level.

“Brody Hall was constructed in the 1950s and was in need of a renovation that reflected the needs of the students,” said a team member from Design Plus, the architectural firm charged with renovating Brody Hall. “The 33 million dollar project modernized the look of the building, which is the focal point of a seven facility complex. We used multiple CENTRIA products, combining vertical and horizontal design styles, as well as a variety of finishes to give the building a progressive edge.”

The end result is a building that blends modern architectural style and environmentally responsible design. CENTRIA’s Versawall®, Formawall® Dimension Series® and Profile Series Concept Series® panels were chosen for this project because they work together to ensure the highest standards of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value.

CENTRIA’s Concept Series panels provide architects with attractive design options based on a dynamic asymmetrical form, while maintaining easy installation and quality materials. This versatile line of panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, maintaining an unbroken appearance for interesting visual effects. These effects are further enhanced by Microseam® corners, which use cutting edge bonding techniques to produce corners that appear virtually seamless. The lightweight composition and many available combinations of colors, finishes, and textures make Concept Series panels especially useful for retrofit projects because they can be easily attached and matched to a variety of existing substrates.

Formawall Dimension Series panels offer thermal efficiency and moisture control in a single panelized component. Compared to traditional multi-component wall construction—typically requiring seven separate components including: a rainscreen, an air barrier, exterior gypsum sheathing, fiberglass insulation and a vapor barrier—the Formawall Dimension Series system only requires one component to create a wall with superior thermal efficiency and thermal control. Concealed clips and fasteners plus dry gaskets and concealed sealants provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance, complementing the sleek, modern look of the building.

Versawall panels enhance the polished exterior of Brody Hall with long, uninterrupted sight lines. A thermal break between the face and liner saves energy while permitting lighter building structures and reducing framing support and panel installation costs. The panels also feature advanced thermal and moisture protection properties.

CENTRIA’s commitment to sustainability, reflected in each of these products, helped Brody Hall earn points that contributed the building’s LEED Silver Certification.

  • Market Segment

    Higher Education

  • Architect Name

    Design Plus

  • Dealer

    C. L. Rieckhoff Co., Inc.

  • Installer

    C.L. Rieckhoff Co., Inc.

  • Contractor

    Clark Construction Group, LLC

  • LEED Certification