Buffalo State College – Caudell Hall

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo State College’s 38,000 square-foot Caudell Hall was originally constructed to encompass the synergy and interconnectedness of the school’s College of Professions. In 2014, became clear that the hall required major technological and architectural updates, and the university spent $27.6 million dollars to transform the building. 
Providing housing for award-winning faculty, eager students and exclusive academic programs unavailable anywhere else, Caudell Hall features culinary facilities on the first floor, classrooms, computer labs and dietetic labs on the second floor and department and faculty offices on the third floor. To coincide with the hall’s evolution, BHNT Architects needed to specify materials that effectively mirrored that evolution on the exterior while providing eye-catching aesthetics and top-of-the-line sustainability features.

With so much new technology inside the building, it was only fitting to reflect this at the façade, and due to Buffalo’s record-low temperatures, the hall also required superior weather resistance and thermal efficiency features.

To deliver on both fronts, BHNT Architects specified CENTRIA Formawall panels to deliver a sophisticated aesthetic, weather resistance and thermal efficiency. 
Echoing the panels’ performance features, CENTRIA Formavue window system sports the same thermal efficiency and features, as well as sill and jamb details that feature large thermal breaks that align with the panel insulation, all wrapped into one compact, visually pleasing design.

To compliment the aesthetics of the Formawall panels, BHNT Architects specified CENTRIA Versawall panels to add variation to the facility’s contemporary façade without sacrificing sustainability. Installed vertically, the panels grant long, unbroken sightlines in a narrow, yet durable component and feature double tongue-and-groove joinery and factory-applied air and vapor sealing to withstand inclement weather and high humidity. 

CENTRIA’s Duragard coating system adorns the metal panels to provide additional protection against the elements. The tried-and-true coating provides peerless fade and chalking resistance and hosts an enduring gloss that will highlight the building for years to come. The coatings and panels worked in tandem to earn the building a LEED® Silver certification.

  • Market Segment

    Higher Education

  • Architect Name

    BHNT Architects

  • Installer

    Ajay Glass & Mirror Co., Inc.

  • Contractor

    Northland Associates, Inc.

  • LEED Certification

    Certified Silver